Zenobia Wreck Cyprus Photos

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In 1980 the Swedish build roll-on-roll-off ferry Zenobia sank on its maiden voyage in just 42 m of water just off Larnaca. It now lies 16 to 42 meters down, on it’s port side. The Zenobia weights 10,000 tons, is 172 meters long, and 28 meters wide.
Now countless sea-creatures inhabit the ship and its cargo of 108 trailers and lorries. We did have 2 dives on this beautiful wreck on the 26. April 2008 the water temperature was 19 deg. Celsius. The pictures are all from the first dive. The second dive included a trip inside the ship, with exit through a window with missing glass on the starboard site of the wreck, most of the windows are still glassed.

The photos can be downloaded as a screen saver

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